Kia Telluride Recall Over Rollaway Risk

Over 427,000 Kia Telluride SUVs are being recalled because the driveshaft system could fail, allowing parked cars to roll away.

The problem is caused by the middle shaft and front right driveshaft not being put together-

correctly, which could cause damage and unwanted movement.

This problem has been reported 16 times, and in some situations there is real harm.

Models from 2020 to 2023 and some 2024 models made between January 9, 2019, and October 19, 2023 are affected.

Kia thinks that the trouble will only happen in 1% of these cars.

Owners can tell there is a problem by hearing a grinding sound and losing power.

Because of better checking methods, tellurides made after October 20, 2023, are not impacted.

Owners will get letters telling them to take their cars to dealers for a free checkup and any-

fixes that need to be done, such as an update to the automatic parking brake system.

On May 13, dealers will start getting notices of the recall, and by May 15, letters to owners will have been sent.

The NHTSA recalls page is another place owners can check to see if their car is involved.

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