Nissan has also reported recently that their current car will go out of production after the 2025 model year due to cost concerns.

During the Nissan presentation on the predicted date, the company announced-

that the GT-R would be available in a limited number of units in 2025. 

There are two special editions of the Nissan GT-R for 2024 that are coming-

to the U.S. market, and this information has been provided to us by Nissan.

The company announced today that the Takumi Edition and the-

Skyline Edition of the T-spec Takumi will be released in January 2024.

 The unique models of the '24 will be available on our shores in a very-

limited number, according to Nissan, as these models are limited editions.

In Japan, it is regarded as a master craftsman to be called takumi. Those are the same people who are behind the-

T-spec Takumi Edition of the Nissan GT-R 2024 and are also the ones who might build the-

twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 engine that powers the car. In addition to the T-Spec upgrades on the regular GT-R,

the Takumi Edition also comes with an array of additional accessories such as-

gold-painted Rays forged 20-inch wheels, a wider front fender, and carbon ceramic brakes.

Most notable, the Takumi Edition features a stunning paint color called Midnight Purple,-

which is a unique and enticing color. A similar color scheme, Mori Green, is also seen on its interior,

with the same color scheme seen on its seats and other areas of the vehicle.

There is a stunning color that is called Bayside Blue included in the body of the 2024 Nissan GT-R Skyline Edition.