Tesla's 2024 Model 3 now available in the U.S. after launches in Europe and China.

Orders open on Tesla's site, deliveries expected to start this month.

Notable exterior changes: new headlights, taillights enhance appearance.

Interior upgrades: ambient lighting, two wireless charging pads, extra air vent,

revised steering wheel, 8.0-inch touchscreen for rear seats.

Standard heated/cooled seats, upgraded audio for enhanced interior experience.

Tesla focuses on improved interior material quality, added sound-deadening for a quieter cabin.

Model 3 lineup: Standard Range from $40,630, options include $1000 white interior,-

$1500 19-inch wheels, $6000 Enhanced Autopilot.

Long Range model: all-wheel-drive, 341-mile range, starts at $47,630.

No details on a revised Model 3 Performance version yet, leaving buyers in anticipation.

Anticipated updates for Tesla Model Y mentioned, but no timeline or visuals released.