Mercedes-Benz's plush EQS electric luxury sedan is gearing up for its fourth model year with a fresh face-

and a new battery pack to boost its impressive range. Initially, the EQS rocked a 108.4-kWh battery pack-

for the first three years, but the 2025 model is stepping it up to 118.0 kWh.

Increased Range: The last EQS we tested on our real-world 75-mph highway fuel economy run impressed us by clocking in at 350 miles.

Mercedes says they've boosted the electric sedan's range by making the batteries bigger and updating the regenerative braking software. 

They've used the European WLTP figures, which are a bit more lenient, and figured out that the driving range has increased by more than 11%.

Updated Design and Standard Features: Besides bumping up the driving range, Mercedes gave the EQS's front end a makeover.

It's got a fresh look that catches your eye without being too flashy.

Mercedes went all out in the 2025 car model to make the back seat feel like a first-class experience.

They've added some fancy chrome accents to the climate control vents on the B-pillar and the rear seat pillows.

They're now rocking contrast stitching and some seriously luxe nappa leather piping.

And if you're willing to splurge, you can go for the Pinnacle trim and Executive Interior package. 

This package is a game changer – it lets the rear seat recline up to 38 degrees.

It even lets you push the front passenger seat forward for extra legroom.

We still have to wait for the updated specs and pricing on the 2025 EQS. 

Still, Mercedes has informed us that this lightly refreshed model will hit dealerships later this year.