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9 States to Stop Gas Car Sales by 2035

Nine states have decided to implement a ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered-

vehicles by 2035 to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

The California Air Resources Board was the source of the Advanced Clean Cars II regulations.

Beginning with the 2026 model year, California's policies aim to phase out new gas car sales gradually.

The prohibition on sales will be fully implemented in 2035.  

Since California adopted the criteria in 2022, eight other states have done the same, and other others are looking at the idea.

Thus far, the following states have put their plans into action to reach the target of selling no new gas-powered-

cars by 2035: Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Maryland. 

These states' residents are not required to buy or drive gas-powered cars (EVs) in order to comply with the requirements.

Dealerships are still allowed to sell old gas-powered automobiles. As long as the cars fulfill specific emissions-

regulations, residents of these states can buy gas-powered cars in other states. 

Cantor stated that the hurried timeline for the ban on new gas-powered automobiles does not include practicality or costs.

Director of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Terry Gray has praised the initiative, calling the-

regulations a "major step" in the transportation sector's battle against climate change. 

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