Amazon Prime Air Drones Coming to Arizona City

This year, Amazon will expand its Prime Air delivery drone service to a new location in the United States.

The tech giant said on Monday that the West Valley area of Phoenix will be the next American city to receive drones and delivery services. 

Amazon planned to deploy the technology to West Valley consumers later this year.

First, the corporation must get the Federal Aviation Administration and local government licenses. It stated that it was "currently working" with officials on this.

The drones will fly out of a facility next to the company's Tolleson same-day delivery location for the "first time" as they are "fully integrated" into its network.

Amazon said on Monday that it would close its drone plant in Lockeford, California, which it has operated since 2022. According to the tech-

giant, the community, located northeast of Stockton, would continue to get other delivery forms.

The shutdown was justified by a strategy to "prioritize our resources to continue growing the program."

Meanwhile, Prime Air drone deliveries in College Station, Texas, will continue, with plans to expand into other parts of America next year.

In the fall of last year, Amazon announced that it wanted to offer drone deliveries in Italy and the United-

Kingdom using its MK30 drone and a new site in the United States.

Another large store, Walmart, has been experimenting with its drone delivery system.

In January, 1.8 million households in the Dallas-Fort Worth area were added to the service's coverage.

According to its website, it also does drone deliveries in zip codes across many states.