American Airlines expands loyalty program for all members.

Introduces "members-only" benefits for AAdvantage frequent flier program.

Free same day standby for domestic flights. 12 month trip credits for members (vs. 6 months for non-members).

Free 24-hour ticket hold for extra booking time. Option to purchase Admirals Club and Flagship First lounge passes.

More flexibility for basic economy tickets booked directly.

AAdvantage members can cancel with a fee, receive partial trip credit.

Member-only benefits start March 1, Free sign-up for AAdvantage program, encouraging enrollment.

Additional benefits, like redeeming miles for Flagship First Lounge at Platinum Pro level.

Upgrades for Elite Status Holders: Improved upgrades in 2024. Earn miles on paid upgrades, request-

systemwide upgrades online, upgrade with undisclosed partners.

Travelers earn Loyalty Points introduced in 2022.

Points awarded for every dollar spent on flights and eligible partners.

Crossing thresholds earns bonus points, facilitating quicker requalification.

Airline's Commitment to Members: Scott Chandler emphasizes commitment to-

the best loyalty rewards program. Goal: Provide true value through rewards and-

exceptional experiences based on engagement.