B-ON, a German electric vehicle manufacturer owned by DHL, unveils the Pelkan, a new-

electric delivery vehicle at the 2024 CES technology show in Las Vegas.

The Pelkan is designed for "last-mile delivery" and has a distinctive appearance-

resembling a shrunken Tesla Semi with a box truck attached to the cab.

B-ON claims the Pelkan is a long-range vehicle for urban last-mile delivery,

without providing specific data to support this statement.

The electric delivery truck will be available in two battery variants: 43.0 kWh-

and 54.0 kWh, offering options for different range capabilities.

The Pelkan is set to go on sale later in the year, expanding the electric vehicle

options for last-mile delivery services. In comparison to other electric commercial-

delivery vans, like Rivian's, which have estimated ranges of just over 150 miles and battery capacities-

exceeding 100.0 kWh, the Pelkan enters the market with its unique design and battery options.