Baseball Hall of Fame - Adrian Beltré, Todd Helton, and Joe Mauer

Todd Helton, Adrián Beltré, and Joe Mauer elected on Tuesday.

Beltré's Achievements:

The beginning of her ascent to fame started early and young.

Adrián Beltré, third baseman, first-ballot choice with .286 average, 477 homers, 1,707 RBIs over 21 seasons.

Appeared on 95.1% of Baseball Writers’ Association of America ballots.

Helton's Journey:

Todd Helton, first baseman, sixth try, 79.7% votes. Stats scrutinized for impact of Coors Field over 17 seasons.

Mauer's Success:

Joe Mauer, catcher, youngest Hall of Famer at 40, 76.1% votes.

Career with Minnesota Twins, .306 average, 143 homers, 906 RBIs.

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Green Star

Induction Ceremony: Beltré, Mauer, Helton, and Jim Leyland to be inducted on July 21.

Green Star

Reliever Billy Wagner falls five votes short at 73.8%. Gary Sheffield received 63.9%, may be considered by baseball player committee.

Other Candidates:

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