Stellantis has issued three separate recalls affecting over 350,000 vehicles from brands like Jeep and RAM,

focusing on addressing potential safety issues across various product lines.

Jeep Grand Cherokees (2021-2023): Nearly 340,000 vehicles recalled due to a steering knuckle problem.

Possible issue: Steering knuckle malfunction could cause the wheel to detach while in motion.

Cause: Damaged bolt during manufacturing led to front suspension separation.

No reported crashes or injuries. Resolution: Jeep will replace pinch bolts at no cost, aiming to fix one in a hundred affected SUV models.

Owners advised to stay alert for unusual sounds and schedule maintenance visits for precautionary bolt replacement.

Jeep Grand Cherokees (2023-2024): Approximately 9,433 vehicles recalled for an issue with automatic high beam headlights.

Problem: Headlight controller module fault may prevent proper activation of high beams.

Resolution: Jeep will install updated software to address the issue. Owners instructed to contact dealers for inspection and repair if needed.

RAM Promaster (2022-2023): Certain RAM Promaster vehicles (27,000+) recalled for a seat belt warning system issue.

Problem: Faulty seat belt sensor magnet may give incorrect signals, potentially allowing the vehicle to start without the driver wearing a seatbelt.

Resolution: Stellantis will fix affected vehicles for free, emphasizing the importance of always wearing seatbelts.

Recall Process: Owners urged to check for open recalls using their vehicle identification number (VIN) on the NHTSA website or by contacting local dealerships.

Safety Precautions: Owners advised to report any unusual sounds or issues promptly to dealerships for inspection.

Proactive steps by Stellantis aim to prevent potential problems and prioritize safety and convenience for vehicle owners.