Boeing Engineer's Startling Revelation: A former Boeing engineer, now a whistleblower,

raises serious concerns about the safety of the 787 Dreamliner.

Midflight Safety Threat: According to the engineer, assembly flaws in the 787 could lead to catastrophic midflight failures, potentially causing the plane to fall apart.

Boeing's Rebuttal: Boeing refutes the claims, asserting complete confidence in the safety of the 787 Dreamliner despite the allegations.

Firsthand Account: Speaking to "NBC Nightly News," the engineer elaborates on his concerns,

highlighting unaddressed assembly issues that pose significant safety risks.

Personal Stake: When questioned about putting his own family on a 787, the engineer expresses hesitancy,

indicating a lack of confidence in the plane's current safety standards.

Upcoming Testimony: The engineer is set to testify before a U.S. Senate subcommittee, bringing his allegations to the forefront of public scrutiny.

Amidst Fallout: Boeing faces intensified scrutiny following a recent incident involving a 737-

Max 9 door panel blowout during a flight, prompting CEO Dave Calhoun's decision to step down.

Boeing's Assurance: Despite the allegations, Boeing maintains confidence in the 787's structural integrity, emphasizing rigorous engineering examinations and FAA oversight.

Counterarguments and Assurance: Former FAA investigator Jeff Guzzetti asserts the plane's resilience, suggesting that even in hypothetical scenarios, it remains structurally robust.

Persistent Concerns: Despite Boeing's reassurances, the engineer stands by his claims, advocating for halting-

production and addressing existing fleet issues to prevent potential safety hazards.

Whistleblower's Resolve: Motivated by safety concerns, the engineer chose to go public,

highlighting a commitment to safety over personal or professional consequences.

Legal Support: The engineer's attorney affirms the validity of the claims,

citing corroborating evidence and support from other potential whistleblowers within Boeing.