Boeing's Quarterly Deliveries Dip to 83

By Fern Greenthumb April 10, 2024

Delivery Decreases for Boeing: During the first three months of the year, Boeing's airplane deliveries reached their lowest point since the middle of 2021.

737 Max Incident: In January, an incident with a door plug occurred on a 737 Max 9, raising questions about safety.

In the most recent quarter, Boeing delivered 83 aircraft, a decrease from the previous quarter's total of 157 and the last year's total of 130. 

March Deliveries: Boeing delivered 29 aircraft successfully in March alone.

Compared to Boeing, Airbus has outpaced Boeing with 142 jet deliveries in the first three months, with 63 of those deliveries occurring in March.

Even though the company has seen some late hiccups, Boeing has secured orders for 111 new aircraft, including 85 737 Max airplanes for American Airlines.

After the incident in January, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has stopped Boeing's production expansion of the 737 Max until quality standards are authorized.

Slowdown in Production: To improve quality control, Boeing has purposely decided to slow down production.

The Chief Financial Officer, Brian West, emphasizes taking a careful approach to manufacturing and prioritizing quality above speed.

Changes in Leadership: In response to criticism and delivery delays, Chief Executive Officer Dave Calhoun announced that he would resign by the end of the year.

Airlines Receive Compensation Boeing has compensated Alaska Airlines with 160 million dollars for the grounding due to the door plug incident.

Boeing is scheduled to disclose its first-quarter results and offer updates on April 24. This particular financial update is expected to take place.

Be sure to check back for further updates about Boeing's efforts to improve the quality and safety of airplane production operations.

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