Tampa Bay rebounds from a lackluster regular season with a strong Super Wild Card Weekend performance.

Baker Mayfield's aggressive play, 337 yards, and three touchdowns lead the way.

Rachaad White's impactful running and Todd Bowles' relentless defense, blitzing at 53.8%, contribute to the dominant win.

Buccaneers embrace their aggressive identity seizing the game from defending NFC champs.

Philadelphia's tackling reaches embarrassing lows, akin to Pop Warner standards.

Tampa Bay capitalizes, gaining 219 yards after the catch, 79 more than expected.

Defensive struggles prompt concerns for the Eagles' future, hinting at the need for defensive coordinator changes.

Defensive lapses, like a 56-yard touchdown turned from a 6-yard gain, stain the Eagles' playoff performance.

Eagles play like a defeated team, contrasting their previous NFC-winning form.

Struggles with basic football requirements, 0-for-9 on third down, and a lack of adjustments highlight dysfunction.

Speculation arises about offseason changes beyond the defensive coordinator position for the struggling Eagles.

Despite a 16-9 lead, Tampa Bay struggles with catching on-target passes.

Multiple drops by Bucs receivers, including potential touchdowns, reveal inconsistency.

Though it doesn't impact the outcome, the need for more reliable catching, especially in close games, becomes evident.

Baker Mayfield adds a playoff win to his excellent regular season.

Challenges, like dropped passes, don't hinder Mayfield's impressive stat line.

A late pass to Chris Godwin results in a crucial catch, highlighting Mayfield's leadership role.

Mayfield becomes a key factor in the Buccaneers' advancement to the Divisional Round.

Jalen Hurts faces 13 quick pressures in the loss, tying his career-high,-

showcasing the Buccaneers' effective defensive strategy.