Cadillac Lyriq owners had to suffer through painful delays in production that delayed the delivery.

Now that the production has gotten back on track, the Lyriq is unstoppable.

NHTSA is now investigating after reports about brake failures.

Some 2023 Lyriq owners report experiencing an unusually heavy brake pedal during driving.

A "Brake System Failure" message may also be displayed on the EV’s digital display. The problem could affect 3,322 vehicles.

According to a preliminary report from the NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation, GM confirmed that the owner's experiences had been validated.

GM stated that the internal spindle of the eBoost module electronic brake can break when the ABS is triggered.

A broken spindle could cause an EV to stop working with anti-lock brakes and lose its brake assist.

Additionally, GM claims that because the spindle was modified in May 2023, the affected vehicles are only the 2023 models, not the updated Lyriq.

The fix is to release an over-the-air update that simulates an ABS event and tests the brake system's safety by cycling the brake booster.

At the same time, the car is stationary at startup. A check light and a message telling the driver to take the vehicle to a-

dealership for warranty repair will come on the dash if the spindle cracks during the test.

Although there isn't yet a complete recall scenario, that might alter if the ODI determines that GM needs to treat the matter more seriously.

Currently, the ODI states that it will "determine the scope and severity of the potential problem-

and...fully assess the potential safety-related issues" as part of its preliminary evaluation.

In the first quarter of 2020, Cadillac sold 968 Lyriqs to Americans, a 499 percent increase in sales. After three-

months of the year, 5,800 Lyriqs have found new owners. Cadillac's third-most popular-

vehicle is the Lyriq, thanks to its performance. This is better than the XT5 and Escalade.