Increase in EV Sales in California: The increase in EV sales in California and the industry as a whole is slowing down a bit, but it's still breaking records.

Americans in California bought 29% more electric vehicles (EVs) in 2023 than they did in 2022. That's almost half of all the-

EVs sold in the U.S. that year, and in California, one out of every four new cars sold is an electric car.

State and federal rebates: Californians who buy certain electric vehicles can get two government refunds of $3,750 each.

But these refunds come with some rules, like the car has to be put together in North America with parts from certain countries.

For full or partial refunds, there are also price caps that depend on the type of car. Rebates Have Limits: The government refund-

has limits on income between $150,000 and $300,000 to make sure that people who buy luxury items don't get rebates.

California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, which ran from 2010 to 2023, has been replaced by this government scheme.

Richer Areas Have More EVs: Richer areas like San Francisco have more EVs because it's-

easier for people to buy them and have the right facilities to charge them at home.

Support for Families with Moderate Income: The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is focused on programs like the Clean Cars 4 All-

program, which gives families with moderate incomes money to buy used cars or EVs, to help them switch to electric vehicles.

Troubles with Charging Infrastructure: Not being able to get to charging sites is one of the biggest problems with EV usage.

California is putting money into putting chargers in low-income areas so that everyone can afford to own an EV.

Motivators for EV Adoption: Heavy traffic, high gas prices, and worries about the environment are making more people think about buying-

electric or hybrid cars. This is especially true in California, where EV owners can use carpool lines as an incentive.

California Has Been a Leader in EV Adoption: California has been a leader in EV adoption, and other states will look to its example for-

how to make the switch to electric mobility. Long-term goals must be met by building a stable-

charging system and making EVs available in places that aren't just wealthy.