During the Consumer Electronics Show, Volkswagen introduced its artificial intelligence system, Ida based on ChatGPT.

The Ida virtual assistant responds to voice commands similarly to Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

The VW voice recognition system is enhanced by ChatGPT and Cerence Inc. unlike that of other automakers.

The AI assistant can provide information on popular attractions, acting almost like a tour guide, based on user queries.

Ida can control various functions, including adjusting climate settings and providing turn-by-turn directions.

VW assures users of security, mentioning that the chatbot doesn't require account creation,

can't access vehicle data, and deletes questions and answers immediately.

VW plans continuous evolution of the AI system, making it more vocal and-

able to build upon previous commands. The Cerence Chat Pro software being cloud-based allows for over-the-air-

updates, enabling current models to adopt AI functionality.

When the chatbot feature becomes standard, it will be available in models-

like VW ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.7, new Passat, new Tiguan, and updated Golf.

The availability of the ChatGPT feature in U.S. models is still under consideration, with a possible-

release in early 2025, including models like ID.Buzz and refreshed Golf GTI.