"Game of Thrones" was the show that made Kit Harington famous.

He struggled with alcoholism and mental health issues despite his success.

As a result of his alcoholism, Harington entered rehab in 2019.

Through this process, he was diagnosed with ADHD.

His rehab experience is a turning point in his life, Harington revealed on the Hidden 20% podcast.

His sobriety and opportunity for a fresh start led him to rehab while under the influence.

After struggling alone for four years with ADHD, he attended an American facility to learn about it.

Impulsive behavior and difficulty concentrating are associated with ADHD.

"Game of Thrones" co-star Rose Leslie and Harington are parents to two children.

Harington is sober now and focusing on being a good father.

The author noted problems with restlessness and multitasking associated with ADHD parenting.

Harington struggles with overwhelming thoughts as he juggles his acting career and fatherhood.

He revealed how he tried to project sophistication while feeling terrified-

internally during his tenure on "Game of Thrones." He went downhill after eight seasons with millions watching.