A new method is being tested by Costco Wholesale to keep elite status customers happy.

A Costco Insider photo shared on Jan. 8 shows a tablet attached to a stand with a sign stating,

When you enter the warehouse, you must scan your membership card.

An image scanner is installed in the warehouse to validate the identity of the-

person entering the warehouse with the picture on their membership card.

According to Costco Insider, Costco's headquarters is near a store-

testing membership card scanners. A Costco membership is necessary to enter the warehouse and buy other items,

but nonmembers can buy prescriptions from the pharmacy using various payment methods.

There are 871 Costco warehouses in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, according to its Jan. 4 press release.

With warehouses in multiple countries, Costco is also one of the world's leading retailers-

with an international presence. The press release reported Costco's retail net sales-

increased by 9.9% to $26.15 billion in December. According to McClatchy News, "a few"

Costco locations scan membership cards. Costco's membership fees are $60 annually-

for Gold Star and $120 for Executive Gold Star.