According to reports, an In-N-Out Burger location in the Bay Area will close due to crime.

There is only one restaurant in Oakland, California. this franchise closed due to car break-ins, property damage, and theft. 

Our closure has negatively impacted our Associates and their families and we are grateful for the support of the local-

community for over 18 years," Chief Operating Officer Danny Warwick said.

There were repeated attempts by the fast food company to deter crime and ensure safety, but these efforts proved unsuccessful. 

There have been 9 robberies, 2 commercial burglaries, four domestic violence incidents and 1,174-

car break-ins at the business, according to data collected by the San Francisco Chronicle.

It is reported that there was an incident last year when thieves broke into the windows of an employee's car

The Oakport Street location will sell its last burgers, fries, and shakes on March 24.

According to KRON, the company has been operating for 18 years.

A severance package will be offered to current employees, or they may be able to work at other nearby locations. 

There are also restaurants nearby in Alameda, San Leandro, Union City, and San Ramon.