Czinger Hyper GT in Production, Plans For 6 New Models

Czinger teased a concept for the Hyper GT before delivering the first mid-engine, plug-in hybrid 21C hypercars in 2022.

A plug-in hybrid powertrain is expected to provide the same power as the 21C. Two electric motors will-

motivate the vehicle, and under the hood, a 2.88-liter flat-plane crank V8 will be located with twin turbochargers.

As Czinger mentioned in an interview with Top Gear, the Hyper GT won't necessarily be based on the 21C's architecture.

Lukas Czinger, son of company founder Kevin, said they changed the chassis and platform a little but tried to reuse the chassis as much as possible. "We are-

capable of printing completely new parts. Therefore, we will not be sharing platforms. A unique vehicle will be created for each customer."

Due to its expertise in 3D printing, the company is able to do that.

The Czingers are unable to discuss their last contract publicly, but they do explain that they are fabricating the-

fuselage for an F16 fighter jet-sized drone from just four pieces. They assemble it in 12 days from 184 components before it-

arrives. This time was reduced to 12 hours due to their streamlined, 3D-printed design.

In the next ten years, it plans to create six "very unique vehicles.".

According to Lukas, "Czinger's reputation for high performance and low volume is something the brand will have to deal with in the long-

term." Meanwhile, the brand is developing new technologies, new engine layouts, new gearboxes, new electric motors, and new casings.