Elon Musk has announced the plans of his platform for social networking X to-

introduce an app for smart TVs that will allow streaming videos in long-form.

The TV app that is coming out available for Amazon or Samsung users is said to be similar to-

YouTube's TV app which suggests competition against the platform owned by Google.

X has introduced a brand new audio and video feature in October, with the-

intention of transforming it into a super multi-service application.

Musk replied to the user's anticipation on X Musk, hints about the coming feature that will-

allow users to stream long-form video on smart TVs. He also mentioned the accessibility for-

Apple AirPlay for streaming videos from smartphones to televisions.

X seeks to lure creators of content to create a platform that is video-centric,

despite issues in keeping advertisers interested due to recent scandals.

In February 1, X plans to allow advertisers to position their ads to certain premium creators,

thus increasing the placement of ads and its relevance.

The new tool for creator targeting is integrated with X's advertising management which-

is intended to ensure authenticity of content and brand security.

X has yet to publicly discuss the specifics of the TV app that is planned.