Ford Motor Company has temporarily delayed shipments of all 2024 model year F-150 Lightning electrified pickups.

The shipping hiatus began on February 9, and there is no set timetable for when they will restart.

Ford issued the stop-ship order to undertake quality checks on an undisclosed issue with the electrified vehicles.

The corporation has not disclosed the exact quality concern under investigation during this time.

Despite attempts for clarification, a Ford spokeswoman declined to give more information on the subject.

Last month, Ford reported a dramatic drop in F-150 Lightning manufacturing levels, reducing-

them by almost half from the originally intended rate of 3,200 per week to around 1,600.

This production modification was due to lower demand for electric cars (EVs) in the US auto sector.

The Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, where EV trucks are made, will reduce-

the number of shifts to one beginning April 1, affecting around 1,400 workers.

Some impacted workers may be moved to the Michigan Assembly Plant, while others may take advantage-

of the Special Retirement Incentive Program provided in the Ford-UAW contract for 2023.

Ford began manufacture of the F-150 Lightning in April 2022, and reported selling over 24,100 Lightning EV trucks in the United-

States in 2023, representing a roughly 55% increase over the previous year's sales.

Concurrent with the halt in electric vehicle shipments, Ford has begun delivering the-

newly built gas-powered 2024 model F-150 pickup trucks to dealers.

The company expects to speed up shipments of the gas-powered F-150s in the coming weeks-

after conducting extensive quality launch tests to ensure high standards.

Despite the temporary pause in electric vehicle shipments, Ford stated that gas-

powered F-150 deliveries are continuing as scheduled in early 2024.