Biden admin allocates $623M for national EV charging network.

47 stations and 7,500 ports across 22 states and Puerto Rico.

Buttigieg sees U.S. leading global EV revolution, creating jobs.

$7.5B approved to achieve 500,000 chargers by 2030.

Slow progress, only Ohio, New York opened charging stations.

EV sales quadrupled since 2021, 1M+ sold in 2023.

Public charging ports up 70% to 168,426. Goal: EVs = 50% new car sales by 2030.

"Range anxiety" hinders EV adoption, says AP-NORC survey.

Despite concerns, Buttigieg confident in EV revolution.

$311M for 36 "community" projects boosting EV infrastructure.

$312M for 11 highway "corridors" with Riverside County charging facility.

$56M for two truck charging sites in California's San Joaquin Valley.

$70M for up to five hydrogen fueling stations in Texas.

$15M for 87 EV charging stations in Maryland, including Coppin State University.

Grants aim to fast-track EV charging, support clean energy solutions.