A new free Wi-Fi service has been launched by Hawaiian Airlines via SpaceX's Starlink satellite.

Starlink was hailed as a global connectivity solution from Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram, during a speech.

There is also free Wi-Fi available on all flights operated by JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines.

Over the Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Airlines has a wide range of flights available.

A high-quality internet experience is highlighted by Chad Gibbs from SpaceX in this video.

It was first announced in April 2022 that Hawaiian Airlines and SpaceX had formed a partnership.

Over 2.3 million users are currently connected to this network, which consists of over 5,000 satellites.

Currently, there is no information on the cost of installing the Starlink terminals on commercial aircraft.

Airbus A321 planes operated by Hawaiian Airlines are actively being fitted with Starlink terminals.

As of this year, 18 planes will be equipped with Starlink and 24 planes will be equipped with A330.

Before Starlink terminals could be installed, SpaceX needed to obtain FAA certification.

Over 30,000 flights around the world have used the Starlink service.

There have been three new deals announced by Starlink for in-flight Wi-Fi on airBaltic, Zipair, and Qatar Airways.

Amid the acquisition of Hawaiian Airlines by Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines introduces the Starlink service.

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