Hyundai Mobis debuts Mobion concept at CES, an electric vehicle on the Ioniq 5 platform.

Mobion emphasizes unmatched maneuverability with the next-gen e-Corner System.

Unique design includes new bumpers and lights for conveying info to pedestrians and drivers.

Rear lights alert about pedestrians in crosswalks, boosting safety in low-visibility situations.

Ground projection system illuminates the vehicle's direction, projecting-

crosswalk stripes for pedestrian guidance.

Mobion showcases the e-Corner System, integrating electric motor,

steering, braking, and suspension for independent wheel operation.

Wheels can rotate, enabling pivoting, diagonal and sideways driving, and even a 360-degree spin.

Despite limited details, the e-Corner System hints at a holistic approach to vehicle dynamics.

Mobion redefines driving with futuristic design, emphasizing safety and agility in urban settings.