Jazz Jennings 70 Pound Weight Loss

Jan 25, 2024

Jazz Jennings, 23, reveals stunning 70-pound weight loss on Instagram.

TLC star rocks a black and white strapless top and mini skirt, posing happily on a beach.

Jazz shares joy and pride, feeling happier and healthier than ever before.

Acknowledges ongoing progress, takes steps to improve mind, body, and spirit.

Receives overwhelming support with followers praising her remarkable achievement.

Previously disclosed a 100-pound weight gain in 2021 due to binge-eating disorder and medication side effects.

Underwent gender confirmation surgery in 2018, attributing weight gain to medication-induced increased appetite.

Commits to addressing weight gain, holding herself accountable, and making positive health changes.

Expresses readiness for transformation and determination to share progress with followers.

Thanks supporters for understanding her battle, declares intention to win in the journey toward self-improvement.