Forth Worth, Texas, has become the first U.S. manufacturing facility for LG-

LG Unveils First US EV Charging Station Factory. LG will manufacture 12,000 units-

annually at a facility of 100,000 square feet, positioning itself for competitive success in the-

market for electric vehicle charging, which is expected to grow significantly shortly.

In addition to high-end televisions, LG is diversifying its business portfolio-

to include EV charging and digital healthcare. LG acquired AppleMango, a-

South Korean electric vehicle charging provider, in 2022 to expand its policy.

LG joins ChargePoint Holdings and Tesla in competing for market share as America's electric-

vehicle charging network expands through federal funding. U.S. charging ports have nearly-

doubled from late 2019 to the first quarter of 2023, according to the US Energy-

Efficiency & Renewable Energy Office. Initially, the Fort Worth factory will produce small-

portable wall chargers with Level-2 displays and then move on to Level-3 models with touch screens.

In the United States, LG is committed to a competitive and dynamic industry-

landscape that includes electric vehicle infrastructure.