The new Flexible Charging System Pro from Mercedes aims to simplify charging for owners.

With its "portable wall box" design, it takes care of just about everything after the driver plugs it in.

the Flexible Charging System Pro can deliver up to 22 kW of charging power.

Mercedes EV owners can mount it on a wall in their garages or store it in their vehicles,

allowing for easy charging at public charging stations across the continent.

By automatically adjusting the charging power when the user plugs the device

in, the charging process is autonomously managed.

As part of its safety features, the EV (or PHEV) is equipped with a fault current-

detection system as well as a temperature sensor.

It is possible to control the charging experience from a smartphone by connecting the cable to the internet.

Owners can define their charge settings in advance via the Mercedes-Benz Charger App for easy day-to-day use.

Additionally, the app tracks your activity so you can see how much energy you are using.

Mercedes has designed a premium bag to store the charging cable in since you can take it with you.

 Based on the company's description, the Flexible Charging System Pro weighs about 11 pounds (5 kilograms).

It costs £715.20 (US$903.28 at current exchange rates) in all EU member countries, as well as Switzerland and the UK.