According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, in 2024 regular unleaded gasoline had an average price-

that reached an all-time high of $3.57 before falling slightly to $3.56 a gallon.

Michigan drivers will probably see gasoline prices going up if crude oil prices-

continue their rise, as stated by AAA’s Adrienne Woodland. It costs about fifty three dollars to fill up a fifteen gallon-

tank, which is eleven cents more than last week and thirty one cents more than last month.

The United States’ average cost of gasoline per gallon is $3.39.

This price increase has been occasioned by many factors including; an increase in gas demand (from 8.47-

million to 9.01 million barrels a day) and a reduction in domestic fuel stocks (from 239.7 million barrels to 4.5 million barrels).

National gasoline prices have risen slowly, according to GasBuddy’s report; these increase due to-

seasonal factors such as refinery maintenance, winter grade gas replacement with-

summer grade gas and increasing consumer demand. At those two sites it is $3.60 per gallon in Saginaw, but this is-

surpassed by Lansing and Grand Rapids at the highest rate of $3.63 per gallon per gallon.

In Michigan's largest cities Metro Detroit has the lowest average gas prices at $3.48 while Marquette follows at-

second place with an average price of $3.49 and Traverse City is third place having averaged at $3.52 per gallon.

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