Phantom Braking Issue: A software glitch may cause certain Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks to perceive obstacles that do not exist.

By causing the vehicle to suddenly and unnecessarily slow down, an automatic emergency braking system is activated, also known as phantom braking.

Global recall: GM's Speak Up For Safety program received a report on the issue in September 2023 from China.

Among the models from the 2023 model year in the U.S., 46,708 Chevrolet Colorados and 9,047 GMC Canyons contained the faulty front camera module.

North America, including Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, was affected by GM's recall of nearly 62,000 vehicles.

Safety concerns: Especially with trucks abruptly slowing down without warning, phantom braking poses a significant collision risk.

GM expressed particular concern, citing 234 field complaints related to the issue in the U.S. and four reported accidents, three of which resulted in minor injuries.

Recall Process: North American Chevrolet Colorados and GMC Canyons will be recalled by General Motors in 2023 to resolve this issue.

It will be possible to prevent phantom braking incidents in the future by updating the software for the front camera.

Vehicle owners will not be charged for the update, which will be administered by dealers.

Geographical impact: Approximately 55,755 U.S. vehicles will be recalled, while 4,500 Canadian and 1,500 Mexican vehicles are slated for recalls.

In recalling the vehicles, GM has demonstrated its commitment to solving the problem and safeguarding its customers' safety.

Resolution Assurance: GM asserts that the software update will effectively address the front camera's calibration, alleviating the Phantom braking problem.

The company emphasizes its dedication to resolving the issue promptly and underscores the no-cost nature of the update for vehicle owners.

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