Revamped 2025 Aston Martin DBX Enhances Cabin Comfort

Focus on Cabin Improvement: Aston Martin is revamping the DBX 707 with a strong emphasis on the-

interior rather than outward improvements or powertrain advancements.

Customer Feedback: The decision to redesign the cabin was prompted by customer concerns, mainly over the outmoded interior design and user interface.

Aston Martin is releasing a new infotainment system built in-house, comparable to the one in the DB12, to replace the old model's antiquated technology.

Trim changes include the discontinuation of both the ordinary DBX and the hybrid variant, leaving just the high-performance DBX 707 available for the 2025 model year.

The inside has been significantly updated, with a revamped dashboard, enhanced control arrangement, and a new center console with current amenities.

The new DBX 707 has a high-resolution touchscreen with updated software, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and more connectivity choices.

Audio System: A high-quality 800-watt, 14-speaker audio system is now standard, with an optional 1600-watt, 23-speaker Bowers & Wilkins arrangement available.

outside Changes: While the outside appearance stays essentially identical, there are some small changes, such as new paint colors,

updated door mirrors for a parking display system, and self-presenting door handles.

Powertrain: The DBX 707 retains its strong 697-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine, nine-speed automated gearbox, and modern performance-

equipment including as carbon-ceramic brakes and adjustable dampers. Availability: Deliveries of the revised DBX 707 are planned to-

commence in the second quarter of this year, with price to be disclosed subsequently.