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Revitalized NSX? Honda CEO Eyes Electric Sports Marvel

Acura ends NSX production in 2022, sparking speculation about Honda reviving the nameplate for electric cars.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe confirms R&D exploring an all-electric sports car, expressing personal hopes for its reality.

Decision on the electric sports car pending; company analyzes current electric sports cars without specifying models.

Speculation about Acura Electric Vision Concept offering clues, although not officially labeled as the next-gen NSX.

If Honda proceeds, Mibe promises a "completely different taste," prioritizing the fun driving experience.

No decisions on mass production or timing; Mibe personally interested in making it happen.

Potential sports car could be flagship for '0 Series' EV lineup, optimizing space and reducing battery weight.

'0 Series' EV lineup introduced at CES 2024, focusing on promoting the "joy of driving."

Mibe's statements carry weight, history of hinting at models like Prelude and second-gen NSX.

Decision to revive NSX name uncertain, but sports car used to showcase brand's powertrain expertise and capitalize on millennial nostalgia, as with Prelude.