In its fourth-quarter report, Rivian Automotive reported higher production but lower deliveries,

which caused its stock to fall 10%. In the third quarter of 2023, the company delivered 13,972-

vehicles, which was down 10.2% over what it had delivered in the third quarter of 2023. This was consistent with-

Wall Street's expectations for the quarter. It was estimated that approximately 14,000 vehicles-

would be delivered during the first quarter as surveyed by FactSet.

Although Rivian's stock price has increased by 27% over the past year, its stock price closed at-

$21.10 per share, indicating a 10.1% decline. It is estimated that Rivian produced 17,541 electric vehicles during-

the fourth quarter, exceeding the 16,304 vehicles it produced during the third quarter.

There have been over 57,232 vehicles produced by Volkswagen for the whole of the year, exceeding-

the company's initial forecast of 54,000 vehicles for the whole of 2023.

In Normal, Illinois, Rivian's factory produces all of the vehicles that are sold around the world.

In the hours following the close of the stock market on February 21st, Rivian is scheduled to announce the results of its fourth quarter.

On the same day the report was released, Tesla also announced fourth-quarter deliveries that exceeded Wall-

Street's expectations, which coincided with the report. By Dec. 28, Tesla had delivered 484,507-

vehicles, exceeding StreetAccount's consensus estimate of 477,000.