Samsung Unveils Galaxy S24: AI Powered Smartphones

Samsung unveils new Galaxy smartphones with AI tools to compete with Apple.

AI integrations include smart translation, interpretation services, and in-app image searches.

Shift in focus from hardware-heavy approach to AI-centric development.

Galaxy S24 lineup: S24 priced at $799.99 S24 Plus at $999.99 S24 Ultra at $1,299.99.

(8% price increase from last year). Preorders start Wednesday, shipping begins January 31.

samsung galaxy s24 New features: Live foreign language interpretations during-

calls, supporting 13 languages and 17 dialects.

"Circle To Search" for instant search results by circling text, photos, or videos.

AI-powered photo editing tools, including generative edit, edit suggestions, and more.

Samsung aims to regain smartphone market share lost to Apple.

Apple expected to enhance AI in September; Samsung gains a head start.

Samsung's challenge is to make technology transparent for a seamless user experience.