To meet increased Bronco and Ranger demand, Ford will also hire a third crew at the Michigan Assembly truck plant.

Automobile manufacturers have recently pulled back on investments in electric vehicles,

which has caused the adoption rate to plateau. The F-150 Lightning will be rolled back in production next year by Ford.

Automotive News obtained and reported on a memo from an internal planning team. 

In January, Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, will produce approximately 1600 Lightnings per week. 

It's half the 3200 Lightnings Ford had aimed for, with 150,000 units being built annually as a final goal.

The Lightning plant was temporarily idled in October, affecting approximately 700 workers.

Despite the slowed production, Ford is managing to move F-150 Lightnings this year. 

A 54 percent increase over last year was registered in sales of electric trucks through November. 

The electric truck sold 4393 units in November, its highest month ever.

In the third quarter of 2023, Ford sold 190,477 total trucks,

a more impressive number when compared to those figures.