SOFIA Vergara Sued by Griselda Blanco’s Family Ahead of Netflix Series Premiere

A Netflix miniseries about Griselda Blanco's life is being blocked by her family, who claim it is using her name and image unauthorized.

The family of Griselda Blanco filed a lawsuit against Sofia Vergara, who plays the title character and produces the series.

Moreover, the family has sued Netflix, seeking an injunction to halt the release.

Michael Griselda, Griselda's son, claims elements of the series are part of a different film project he worked on.

He says Netflix expressed interest in the interviews without using his materials for a film, TV show, or book project.

The lawsuit claims that Michael and his siblings' names and likenesses will be used in the series, despite his interviews and life experiences.

Netflix will begin streaming the series on January 25 if it is not blocked.

A real-life Griselda Blanco served 15 years for drugs and 20 years for murder and was referred to as the "Black Widow"

and "Cocaine Godmother." Sadly, she was murdered in 2012 after being released due to health issues.

Griselda's various aspects were explored in an Entertainment Tonight interview by-

Sofia Vergara, highlighting her role as a drug lord, mother, and woman.