Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce are reportedly getting engaged this summer.

Actress 34 and her boyfriend 34 have decided to pursue their relationship further.

Despite Valentine's Day being one of the busiest days of the year, Travis will propose later this year.

Despite speculation, they opted not to get engaged during the holiday season,-

carefully planning their special moment. Taylor and Travis have discussed their engagement-

plans and are set to make it a reality on their first anniversary in July.

Confirming their commitment, an insider shared that the engagement will-

happen shortly after celebrating their one-year milestone.

Travis reportedly sought Taylor's father's blessing for the proposal, adding fuel to-

previous engagement rumors. The couple, dating for nearly five months, first publicly surfaced as a pair in September 2023.

Despite Taylor stating they officially started dating in July, details remain unclear due to the delayed public acknowledgment.

One of Hollywood's hottest couples, Taylor and Travis have risen to fame quickly.

Plans are being made for the special occasion of the couple's engagement.