"Tesla Cuts Full Self-Driving Cost Following Elon Musk's Prediction of Rising Price."

Fall in the price of Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Software: The Full Self-Driving software package from Tesla used to cost $12,000.

Now it only costs $8,000. It came as a surprise that the price went down because Tesla had planned for it to go up over time.

Prices Have Changed in the Past: The Full Self-Driving software's price peaked at $15,000 in 2022 and then dropped to $12,000.

It was recently lowered to $8,000. Some people are surprised by this change in price because Elon Musk-

has said in the past that the software's value could rise to over $100,000.

Price Drop for Subscriptions: Tesla also dropped the price of Full Self-Driving subscriptions from $199 per month to $99. At the new price,

it would take almost seven years of paying every month to cover the cost of the one-time payment.

Enhanced Autopilot Discontinuation: Tesla is no longer offering the $6,000 Enhanced Autopilot system as a choice for purchase.

For an extra $2,000, customers who already have Enhanced Autopilot can get Full Self-Driving.

Plans for the Future: Elon Musk is very interested in self-driving cars, and Tesla will soon show off a long-awaited robotaxi.

This fits with Musk's choice not to make a cheaper "Model 2" car and instead put a lot of money into robotaxis.

Tesla is also giving Full Self-Driving demos to new users to show them what the software can do now that it's out of beta.

Self-Driving Progress: Tesla's Full Self-Driving software is advertised as a Level 2 driver-assist system, but its final goal is ultimately to be able to drive itself.

The company's progress and strategy in the challenging market for self-driving cars can be seen in how prices and features are constantly changing.

Customers will be happy with this because those who got Enhanced Autopilot can now switch to Full Self-Driving and save $2000.

This gives Tesla owners a reason to use Full Self-Driving's more powerful features.

Effects of the membership Model: The monthly membership price for Full Self-Driving has gone down from $199 to $99,

which means that more Tesla users can use the software. This could lead to more people adopting and using tools that let cars drive themselves.

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