According to Puck News, Tom Cruise will star in the upcoming "Top Gun 3."

61-year-old Tom Cruise will return as Lieutenant Pete Mitchell, with co-stars-

Miles Teller and Glen Powell, from "Top Gun: Maverick."

With over $1.5 billion in box office revenue in 2022, the sequel-

to 1986's "Top Gun" was a major box office hit. "The Next Generation of Top Gun" saw-

Cruise's character interact with the young sailors who would become the next-

generation of navy pilots in this film that was released over three decades after the first film.

It is reported that Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote "Top Gun: Maverick," and Joe Kosinski,-

who directed the film, will return to write the third script for "Top Gun."

There has been no official comment from Paramount on the matter.

Warner Bros. recently signed Tom Cruise. During his tenure at Discovery,

he starred and produced movies. Cruise can participate in other projects since the contract is nonexclusive.

Currently, Cruise is filming "Mission: Impossible 8," which will be released in 2025,

which may delay the release of "Top Gun 3." Miles Teller, 35, played Lieutenant Bradley "Rooster"

Bradshaw, and Glen Powell, 35, played LT Jake Seresin in "Top Gun: Maverick."