Top 10 Things to Do in Jacksonville Florida

It is common to imagine sunbathing in Fort Lauderdale, dancing through Miami, and riding-

the rides at Orlando's theme parks when planning a Florida getaway.

Low tide is the perfect time to walk the "sandy highway," take a dip in the Atlantic, or kayak, surf, paddleboard, or fish from the pier.

1. Enjoy Jacksonville Beach for the day

The CSX railway line now serves as a walking, biking, or riding path that reveals Jacksonville's natural beauty on a different, more forested side.

2. Discover Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail.

With a wide variety of animals, including bobcats, foxes, leopards, tigers, Catty Shack Ranch offers a haven for big cats.

3. Explore the wildlife sanctuary at Catty Shack Ranch.

A picnic or barbecue can also be set up for the day on the beach by visitors.

4. Visit Huguenot Memorial Park for a beach picnic.

With more than 2,000 animals and 1,000 plants to view, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is the perfect place to spend an entire day.

5. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is ideal for families.

There has been entertainment at the Florida Theatre for nearly 100 years.

6. Florida Theatre offers art and culture.

Nearly 5,000 pieces span several centuries, cultures, and continents at the Cummer Museum-

7. Discover masterpieces at Cummer Museum.

of Art & Gardens, the largest fine arts museum in northeast Florida.

7. Discover masterpieces at Cummer Museum.

Natasha Burton, owner of Mixed Fillings Pie Shop, says the Riverside Arts Market "embodies Jacksonville's artistic soul" on Saturdays.

8. Visit Riverside Arts Market to shop.

Surfing is also popular at this park. Hanna Park once was Manhattan Beach and is significant for its recreational activities

9. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a great place to relax.

Its location in LaVilla, a neighborhood filled with Black entertainment and nightlife from the 1920s to the 1960s, showcases Jacksonville's Black history and culture.

10. Enjoy a concert at Ritz Theatre.