A new standard has been set for eco-friendly driving with-

Toyota's Beyond Zero badges applied to the Mirai 2024.

The Mirai is eco-friendly, yet it has a touch of sophistication with the availability of-

Elemental Silver, a new color that adds to the Mirai's elegance.

First and foremost, safety! With advanced driver-assistance features found in the 2024 Mirai,

Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 is assured to ensure a safe, secure ride.

Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, it delivers 182 horsepower to its rear wheels while preserving the environment.

The Mirai offers a commendable 357 miles of range in the Limited-

trim, while the XLE offers an impressive 402 miles.

Take advantage of Toyota's generous incentive to embrace the use of-

fuel cells by dipping into hydrogen with Mirai. Mirai will sell 2737 vehicles in 2023, a 31%-

increase, illustrating the growing demand for eco-friendly automobiles.

Hyundai's Mirai and Mirai's sole competitor, the Nexo, are the only eco-friendly cars available in California.

Get ready for Honda's Challenge! With the release of its CR-V crossover, Honda enters the-

hydrogen market with a model that promises durability and affordability.

 Honda and General Motors have entered into a joint venture to develop fuel-cell systems for-

hydrogen vehicles, with the Mirai expected to face competition in this area.