A price increase has been announced by Toyota for its models for 2024.

Various models were affected by the increase, which ranged from $150 to $900.

Cars Direct obtained a Toyota dealer bulletin detailing price changes on 20 models.

The changes were primarily below $400, with a few exceptions. The GR Corolla and Sequoia increased by $400.

The Sienna minivan now costs $500 more. The Supra sees the highest increase, adding $900 to its MSRP.

The bulletin indicated that price changes would begin with January or February production.

End-of-year buyers could potentially secure lower prices on 2024 models.

Price changes are already in effect, but they can vary by trim. Actual prices differ slightly from those in the original dealer bulle

Highlander Hybrid: $42,115 (+$100 to $250) Highlander: $40,515 (+$100 to $250)

Corolla: $22,995 (+$150 to $200) Toyota Crown: $41,145 (+$100 to $730)

Prius: $28,745 (+$200) RAV4: $29,285 (+$200) Corolla Hybrid: $24,395 (+$200 to $250) GR Corolla: $37,195 (+$200 to $1,840)

Some increases follow earlier MSRP jumps levied a few months ago. The 2024 Highlander had a previous increase in September.

The GR Corolla lineup sees changes in trims and associated price adjustments. Certain models like the 2024 Toyota-

Tacoma and Tundra Hybrid pickups remain unchanged. The carryover 2024 Toyota Camry-

also retains its previous pricing. The Prius, for instance, may see the outlined increases during these months.