US Postal Service unveiled first EV charging station

EV charging stations have been installed at an Atlanta delivery center by the U.S. Postal Service.

A set of EV charging stations was unveiled today at an Atlanta delivery-

center by the USPS and White House officials as part of that overhaul.

In the upcoming months, hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations will be installed around the country.

The USPS also plans to convert 100 percent of its vehicles to electricity over the next few years.

Siemens, Rexel/ChargePoint, and Blink will manufacture the first 14,000 charging stations-

the Postal Service builds. Siemens manufactured the Atlanta stations.

A significant portion of the Postal Service's electric fleet will be powered by-

Ford e-Transit delivery vehicles, along with the new charging stations.

A total of 21,000 COTS EVs will be ordered by the Postal Service, with 9250 coming from Ford.

Next Generation Delivery Vehicles are going into service soon, and USPS is planning to supplement them with COTS vehicles.

Compared to the outgoing delivery trucks of today and years ago, e-Transit vehicles feature much more safety-

technology. Additionally, air conditioning improves driver comfort.