Apple to launch Vision Pro headset in the US on Feb 2, pre-orders start Feb 19.

Company hinted at higher storage options; recent reports suggest a 256GB starting point.

Vision Pro features 16GB RAM, M2 chips, and R1 for AR, ideal for visionOS apps.

Base model priced at $3,499, potential for 512GB and 1TB options, raising concerns about higher costs.

Developer kits with 1TB storage reported; speculation indicates $200-

increase for 512GB and $400 for 1TB variants.

Users may find the Vision Pro's higher price tag for increased storage less appealing.

Comparison to MacBook suggests pricing for higher storage could-

vary and go even higher due to its newness.

Choosing higher storage depends on use; media consumption needs less space than storing Spatial Videos.

Stay tuned for more details on Vision Pro's storage options as additional information becomes available.