Volkswagen Unveils Stylish ID.7 Tourer

Volkswagen introduces ID.7, a new electric car in the US, set to debut in the second half of this year.

ID.7 serves as a successor to the popular Passat station wagon.

The ID.7 Tourer is an electric alternative to the Passat Variant, designed for European markets.

Inspired by the Space Vizzion concept, the ID.7 boasts a sleek design with an extended roofline and thin silver trim.

Spacious interior: 19 cubic feet with rear seats up, 56 cubic feet with seats folded for the sedan; 

21 cubic feet and 61 cubic feet respectively for the wagon.

Both the Tourer and sedan share the same underlying technology, including battery options.

Optional 86.0 kWh battery offers up to 426 miles on a single charge, while the standard 77.0 kWh battery provides around 300 miles.

Quick charging: Under 30 minutes from 10 to 80 percent with the larger battery.

Features a 15.0-inch infotainment display with minimal physical buttons, supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Production by GM in Germany alongside other ID models, with sales expected to start later this year.

Despite initial promises, the ID.7 Tourer won't be available in the US until well after the sedan's release in 2024.

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