Volvo, known for automotive safety, recalls over 17,000 XC40 models in the United States.

Recall issued due to a diagnostic misdetection of a short to ground on the left-hand rear-

indicator, potentially causing it to be inoperable. Drivers will be notified through a-

malfunction message on the instrument cluster. A total of 14,409 vehicles-

manufactured between October 13, 2022, and December 20, 2023, are involved in the recall.

Volvo became aware of the issue in November 2023 after a U.S. report indicated problems with the left rear turn signal.

Four reports received by Volvo of vehicles with inoperative turn signals triggered by central electronic module software.

No injuries or crashes reported related to the fault.

Volvo will notify owners by February 28, 2024, and advise them to take their vehicles-

to a dealership for a software update in the central electronic module.

An over-the-air software update will also be implemented at a later date as part of the recall.