2,000 U.S. flights canceled Friday due to winter weather and Boeing 737 Max 9 grounding.

Midwest storms caused 4,500+ delays, hitting major hubs like Chicago and Detroit.

O’Hare Airport (Chicago) saw 40% flight cancellations after a snowstorm and 2-hour ground stop.

Detroit Airport had 20% Friday flights delayed or canceled due to severe weather.

Southwest Airlines canceled 400+ flights and had 900+ delays, mainly from Chicago Midway.

United Airlines canceled 10% mainline flights, with 20% facing delays.

FAA grounded Boeing 737 Max 9s last week, impacting United and Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines canceled all Max 9 flights through Sunday, awaiting FAA and Boeing documentation.

FlightAware data: 20% Alaska Airlines flights canceled, 10% delayed on Friday.

Grounding to impact 110-150 Alaska Airlines flights per day; airline regrets passenger disruption.