The Ace family, known for their family content, had 18 million subscribers on YouTube.

Family: Austin and Catherine McBroom, parents, and kids Elle, Alaia, and Steel.

Austin is a basketball player and boxer, while Catherine is a model and influencer.

YouTube content: daily vlogs, pranks, challenges, and music videos.

Catherine announces split for transformative change in the new year.

Couple mutually agrees to amicable divorce due to irreconcilable challenges.

Despite the heartbreak, Catherine feels liberated, prioritizing children.

Pledge to remain united as parents, create a stable, loving environment.

Austin acknowledges split on Instagram, likens it to taking a leap of faith.

Last YouTube post in summer 2023 addresses absence and challenges.

Mention feeling burnt out, tired, uncertain about YouTube future.

Catherine and Austin answer fan questions in last video, addressing injury.

Plans for the future described as "in the air," uncertainty about YouTube return.