HANUMAN CHALISA English | Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics English

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Hanuman Chalisa English: Hanuman Chalisa in English is sung by Hariharan, Hanuman Bhajan: Hanuman Chalisa (Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar, Jai Kapisa Tihun Lok Ujagar) Those who Chant Hanuman Chalisa Regularly with full devotion will definitely have very good Health & Wealth.

Hanuman Chalisa is A Hindu devotional hymn (stotra) that praises Hanuman and is known as the Hanuman Chalisa (forty chaupais on Hanuman). 

As far as Tulsidas‘ texts go, it is his most recognized work, except for the Ramcharitmanas, which he wrote in the Awadhi language. 

As it is known that the Hanuman Chalisa has 40 verses, the word churls means the number forty in Hindi, based on the fact that the word churls means the number 40 in the Hindi language.

As one of the central characters of the Ramayana, Hanuman is Rama’s devotee and one of the most important characters. 

The Shaiva tradition holds that Hanuman is a manifestation of Shiva who is also regarded as part of the Hanuman deity.

There are many folktales that praise Hanuman’s powers. It is the Hanuman Chalisa in which the attributes of the god Hanuman are discussed, namely his strength, courage, wisdom, celibacy (brahmacharya), loyalty to Rama, and the various names by which he is designated. 

There is a common religious practice that involves reciting or chanting the Hanuman Chalisa or the Hanuman Charita. Thousands of Hindus around the world recite the Hanuman Chalisa every day as a way to honor Hanuman; it is the most popular hymn praising Hanuman.

It is also believed that Hanuman represents devotion, humility, and selflessness. His unwavering loyalty to Lord Rama and devotion to the cause have made him a role model for all Hindus. 

It is common for Hanuman devotees to seek his blessings for protection, strength, and success in their endeavors. Throughout the world, millions of people recite Hanuman’s chants and hymns in temples.

It is generally considered that Hanuman is one of the most revered and beloved figures in Hinduism for his heroic deeds, devotion, and commitment to righteousness. 

A symbol of strength and courage, he is presented as a brave warrior, a loyal companion, and an embodiment of courage and strength.

The demon king Ravana attempted to abduct Sita from Lord Rama, but Hanuman assisted him in his attempts to rescue her. As part of the epic battle against the evil forces, Hanuman’s extraordinary powers were vital to his success. These abilities included the ability to fly and to change his size at will.

HANUMAN CHALISA English | Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics English

Hanuman Chalisa English | Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics English

 After Purifying the mirror of my soul

With the dust of the feet of my lord

I’m describing the glory of Shri

Raghu Vir, who is the giver of dharma

Wealth desire and salvation.

Oh, Pawanputra!! (Son of Wind)

 I’m invoking you

Please Can You Provide me with

strength, good sense, Knowledge,

And Destroy my Sorrows and


O lord Hanuman! Victory to you

You are the ocean of knowledge

O Kapeeshwar victory to you!

Your fame is evident in all the 

three regions of the universe.

O Bajrangbali You Are the bravest

Of all and possess great valor

You repel all evil sense and are the

protector of those who is virtuous

you possess a gold complexion

you are well adorned with a

Beautiful dress earrings and 

curly hair.

You Have a Thunderbolt and flag

of Shri Rama in Your hands

and the sacred thread on your

Shoulder doubles your splendor

o incarnation of lord Shankar

O Kesrinandan! The whole world

Salutes your power and glory

You are the repository of learning

Virtuous and you are always eager

to serve lord shri ram

You relish hearing the glory of 

Shri Rama lord shri rama dwells

in your heart along with mother sita

And Laksham ji.

 You Had Shown mother sita  a very

the tiny form of yourself and had charred

Lanka assuming a ferocious form

You assumed a ferocious form to kill

the demons and helped to fulfil

lord shri ramas purpose.

You Had provided new life to

Lakshman Ji By Binging the

reanimating shrub. and so 

Shri Rama embraced you happily.

O Anjaninandan Lord shri rama

Praised you a lot and says ” I Love

As much as I love my Brother,


Thousands of Mouths may sing

Your glory, Saying this Shri

Ramachandra embraced you

Sages like Sanat Kumar

Shri Sanatan shri sanak

Shri Sanatan and gods

Like Lord Brahma Praise


Yam, Kuber Dikpal. are the

protectors of four corners

of the universe have been

with another offering

homage to your glories.

You had favored monkey

king sugreev by associating hum

With shri ramchandra ji and

make him the king.

The Fact That Vibishan became

the king of Lanka by following

your advice is known to the

entire world. The sun, which is

thousands of miles away from the 

earth; which requires thousands of

years to reach was swallowed by

You consider it a sweet fruit.

 You had crossed the sea keeping

Lord Shri Ramas ring in your mouth

But it was too simple a feat for you

all the uphill tasks of this universe

become easy and simple by your


You are the guard of the gate

Of Shri Ramachandran Palace

Nobody can enter without you

Permission. whoever comes in

Your shelter gets every kind of

happiness and nothing can

Frighten him.

Only You Can Bear Your

Resokendence. Your war cry

Makes all living beings in all

three regions of the universe

Quail with fear. 

O Anjaniputra!

No Evil Spirits, Like Ghosts and

Devils Can Dare Come Near a

Person Who Mutters Your Name


O Brave Hanuman Ji Repeating

Your Name Continuously wards

Off all kinds of diseases and make

pain and sorrows flee away.

You Bring an end to the sorrows

of a person who meditates on You

While Working  With full


Shri Ramchandra is the 

Greatest ascetic emperor

of the world. You had fulfilled

all his purposes one who is

favored by you, has all his

ambitious fulfilled he even

gets what is beyond imagination

For him.

Your Splendour resounds

in all four yugas. The whole

of the universe is resplendent

with your fame.

O Hanumanji the loved one of

Shri Ramchandra, You Protect the

Ascetics and the gentle ones.

As a Boon granted by mother

Janaki, You can grant eight

fulfilments & Nine Treasures

to any of your devotees. You

Are always in the shelter of

Shri Raghunath ji, and so you 

are capable of warding off

Every irremediable disease.

Your Devotes, who Worships You

Gets the sight of lord Shri ram

and his sorrows of birth together

flee away. under the influence

of your worship every living

being goes to the abode of Shri

raghunath ji and taking

birth in the moral world, he

becomes Sri Haribhakt.

Anyone Who Worships You

With full faith, gets every kind

of happiness then why should

he worships another god?

O Balveer Hanuman Ji merely

Remembering you frees a person

From all Hazards and pain of the


Hail, Hail Hail Shrii hanuman ji

Lord of Senses. let your victory

over the evil be firm and final

Bless me in the capacity as my

Supreme Guru.

Lord Shankar The Husband of

Maa Gauri inspired me to

Composed this hanuman chalisa

And so I can pledge in his name

that whoever reads it is sure to

attain success. o my lord hanuman ji

Tulsidas is the servant of Shri Ram

forever so please Dwell permanently

in his heart.

 Please Dwell permanently in his

heart. O Pawanputra! You are the

remover of all kinds of hazards and 

the epitome of auspiciousness, please

dwell in my heart forever long with

Shri Rama’s mother Sita and Lakshman ji.

FAQ about Hanuman Chalisa:

1. who wrote hanuman chalisa

The Hanuman Chalisa is a Hindu devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the monkey deity who is revered for his strength, courage, and devotion. It was composed by the saint poet Goswami Tulsidas.

Tulsidas was a 16th-century poet and philosopher in India. He is best known for his work called the Ramcharitmanas, an epic retelling of the Hindu epic Ramayana in the form of Awadhi poetry. 

The Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most popular and widely recited compositions of Tulsidas and is considered a significant part of his literary contributions.

2. when was hanuman chalisa written

The Hanuman Chalisa, a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, was composed by the poet Tulsidas. Tulsidas was a prominent medieval poet and saint who lived in the 16th century in India. 

He wrote the Hanuman Chalisa as a part of his larger work called the Ramcharitmanas, an epic retelling of the Hindu scripture Ramayana. 

The exact date of when Tulsidas wrote the Hanuman Chalisa is not known, but it is believed to have been composed sometime between the 16th and 17th centuries.

3. what is hanuman chalisa

The Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, a prominent deity in Hinduism. It is one of the most widely recited and revered prayers in the Hindu tradition. 

The term “Chalisa” means “forty verses” in Hindi, and the Hanuman Chalisa consists of forty verses composed in the Awadhi language, which is a dialect of Hindi.

The Hanuman Chalisa was written by the poet Tulsidas, who was a devotee of Lord Rama, in the 16th century. The hymn begins with an invocation to Lord Hanuman and describes his physical attributes, such as his strength and speed. 

It goes on to narrate various episodes from the life of Hanuman, including his birth, his meeting with Lord Rama, and his role in the epic Ramayana. 

The Chalisa also highlights the benefits of reciting it and the blessings that Lord Hanuman bestows upon his devotees.

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