Fight The Feeling Lyrics – Rod Wave

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The truth is every time Rod Wave releases a new song on his YouTube channel, there is a lot of content he wishes to share with his fans. T

There’s never just a beat or a bar in a song from him, it’s always about making a good track. There are always emotions, life, understanding, and awareness behind his lyrics, there is always some sort of life behind them.

Also, Rod Wave’s March 31, 2023, single Fight The Feeling, a track about a girl with an emotional conflict, which is noticeable in his face, makes no exception: a track that tells the story of a girl going through an emotional conflict.

The Fight The Feeling Lyrics can be found at the end of the article, so let’s take a moment to explore the song’s meaning together.

The song Fight The Feeling talks about the pain and emotion that a girl is experiencing emotionally. She dances in the club and shows no sign of feeling hurt despite the makeup, her look, and her attitude that Rod Wave can see behind her makeup, her look, and her attitude.

It is said that the song depicts a romantic image of a woman fighting back her pain by going out, disengaging from her troubles, and enjoying the music as she tries to forget about it all. She attracts the attention of Rod Wave who is there with her. 

Due to his personal story of pain, he has a very definite understanding of what people are going through when it comes to hiding their feelings, and he knows how people react when they are doing so very well.

Fight The Feeling Lyrics – Rod Wave


Wait a minute, how’d you 

get so good at hiding your feelings?

Pretending, pretending you’re 

fine when really you’re bending

You can’t keep patching up your 

pain taking shots at the bar

Know exactly how you feel, 

I know what’s in your heart

Young n–a came a long 

way with so many scars

Finally found a brighter day 

from being lost in the dark

But she don’t wanna hear that tonight (Oh no)

Play something that’s feeling right (Oh no)

She tryna get lit tonight (Oh no)

Get lost in the city lights (Oh no)

Her heart still broken 

but she’s in denial

She need her grandmama 

to watch her child

Her make-up covers 

up her broken smile

You’re livin’ on lies, hurtin’ 

insidе but she’s outside

So get your hair did, 

put your clothes on

Tell the DJ to play your 

song (Play your song)

Tryna fight the feeling, 

but she never finished healing

Now you in the middle of the club, 

trying not to cry to a love song

In the middle of the club, 

trying not to cry to a love song, woah

To a love song, woah, to a love song

Now you in the middle of the club, 

trying not to cry to a love song

To a love song (Uh, to a love song)


Fight The Feeling video – Rod Wave

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